A module summary extracts

“When I first read the titles and description for module A I did not think that the course was likely to help me develop into a better veterinarian… This view changed greatly… I am now much more aware of how I put across information to an owner… dramatically reduced stress I experience at work… consultation … business aspects… hope that it (change) does not occur as I think that the veterinary profession needs to expand its knowledge in this area… enhanced my abilities not only as a clinician but also with many aspects of being a veterinarian.”  Robert Quinn

"I was disappointed that the first module was not clinical… I now have a renewed enthusiasm and… I understand the relevance of these topics to my career… The RCVS Guide to Professional Conduct has been pivotal for researching this module…"  Victoria Phillips

“Like some other veterinarians I was a little sceptical about how much I would gain from completing this module and saw it as just a "hoop to jump through" to achieve my qualification. However, like many who have completed the module, my original opinions have changed dramatically and I have seen a huge value in undertaking this assignment. Initially I thought the subjects covered were 'soft' and I would already be capable of the majority of learning outcomes. However, it very quickly became a wakeup call on how little I actually knew about the aspects of being a veterinarian other than the clinical work. I realised how inadequately the veterinarian degree had prepared me and thus I had a lot to learn…I would therefore like to see the A module, in some shape or form, become compulsory to all new vets, either during their university education or once graduated, possibly incorporated into the PDP. At the end of the day the qualification is the Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice and the undertaking of this module has definitely made me a better practitioner – improving my professional work.”  James Guthrie

“In conclusion, although on first glance this module has been criticised as irrelevant to veterinary studies I have found it extremely eye opening and informative. It has made me think about topics that I deal with on a daily basis, but never consciously thought about or focussed on how I could improve when dealing with these areas, and how this would benefit me as a clinician.” Claire Walker

“Starting this certificate has improved my knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. I feel the active process of researching and writing is a far better way of learning and developing than the passive style of most CPD courses. It has given me the discipline for self study and also my confidence has grown. I would strongly recommend pursuing this course…” David Moore

“When I first embarked on the certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (CertAVP) the most daunting aspect by far was module A; ten essays on a variety of non-clinical subjects. I feel that a lot of my education prior to this certificate has been somewhat “spoon-fed,” so I ound the self-learning aspect of the CertAVP a huge challenge, and it took me a while to get going. The first essay on the list was regarding “physician agency,” a term I had never heard before. Thus began a process where, over some weeks, I would teach myself about a novel subject before starting an essay which invariably I would find surprisingly interesting and relevant …  I now realise that the very action of being enrolled in a certificate has increased my clinical standards and my personal expectations of practice already.” Simon Ratcliffe

“The module has been incredibly valuable as it has allowed me as a practicing veterinary surgeon to reflect on many areas of my professional life… I feel that the whole module has enabled me to assess many different areas of the veterinary profession and has changed and evolved my approach and behaviour towards cases and clients.” Victoria Ludlow

My experience of learning throughout this module has been at times challenging, but also very rewarding. Many of the subjects I had to write about were unfamiliar to me and presented new learning experiences. Having explored these subjects I have become more competent and experienced as a veterinarian. I have gained much knowledge in the various subject areas whilst researching for the essay using peer reviewed articles, on the internet and through university libraries. Prior to this module I had no experience and minimal understanding of how to gain access to such resources. I now access these databases regularly to find articles relating to various problems I have encountered in practice." James McCurrough

“Studying for the Professional Skills module has formed part of my continuing professional development, at first I saw it as a means to an end of achieving my Cert AVP, but now I realise it has given me so much more. CPD not only provides specific training and career development but moreover it is a means of personal development, life-long learning, provides employers with assurance of competence and the general public confidence in the profession (Friedman and Phillips 2004). Apart from these benefits I am just happier in myself, work is less stressful, I can manage my time better, I am more motivated than ever …The benefit of learning constructive self-reflection has been invaluable."  Sabrina Verjee

“I must confess that I have not particularly enjoyed the process of working through the CertAVP Module A, essay writing not being my strongest point. However, I do recognise the fact that the process has improved my knowledge of various aspects of veterinary practice, which will have long term effects on my attitude to practicing.”  Matthew Green

“I have been surprised at the increasing frequency with which I have turned to the RCVS website and the Guide to Professional Conduct, and alarmed to realise the gaps in my working knowledge of the guide. I therefore feel more engaged with my professional body and more professional in my approach to work as a result.”  Jane Shipsey