The CertAVP at the RVC encourages independent, adult-centred and self-directed learning. The RVC CertAVP is not a taught course route although there are a range of CPD opportunities at the RVC that support learning outcomes for many CertAVP modules as well as online learning resources to support candidates’ study programmes. Candidates are encouraged to seek the learning opportunities that best suit their individual needs. The aim of the assessment process at the RVC is not only to support candidates to fully understand the quality of their current clinical practice but also to foster life-long learning skills and to advance and enhance their clinical knowledge, skills and understanding. Reflective, critical practice is expected and encouraged.

RVC assessors have specialist and higher educational qualifications that ensure that the level of assessment is educationally sound, robust, fair and at the level expected of veterinarians aspiring to achieve Advanced Practitioner status. Extensive feedback is provided on all submitted work. Our aim is to help candidates develop life-long commitment to improving practice, and therefore skills such as self-analysis, clinical reasoning, and accessing, interpreting, and applying information, are of utmost importance to the RVC-based CertAVP. 

Candidates have up to 2 years to complete each module and can be enrolled on several modules simultaneously if their time and budget permits.   

We have been accredited to assess a range of modules and you can read more about it here:

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We highly recommend you attend the CertAVP Survival Tips to learn more about the CertAVP. Free to candidates enrolled with the RVC CertAVP. If you have missed the Survival Tips, you can watch a few videos which can help you.

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