CertAVP (Veterinary Primary Care)

Primary care is an important area of veterinary practice and indeed the whole profession, because it is the point at which the practitioner first meets the animal owning public and the RVC is now offering the CertAVP (Veterinary Primary Care) and Advanced Practitioner status in that discipline.  There are numerous challenges and interests in primary care, and to tackle them, RVC is offering - in collaboration with experienced practitioners in Vet Learning - a supported route in a learning set that will be facilitated for two years starting in 2019.  This will be limited to a group of 8-10 candidates to come together to study in a supportive learning environment.  

The overall fee for candidates will be £5,500 which includes:

  • RVC fees of £620 per module (including RVC enrolment fee and summative assessment fee for the A, B and three C modules)
  • An experienced practitioner qualified through postgraduate study providing facilitation of the group 
  • A workshop for each of the A and C modules
  • A formative assessment to provide support for the final submission
  • A final synoptic assessment

Candidates will be required to obtain one extra C module at their own expense. It is expected that this will normally be one of the clinical modules of choice.

For more information, please contact certavp@rvc.ac.uk and you will be put in touch with Vet Learning team.