Red eyes and red flags: Diagnosis and management of ophthalmic emergencies

Key Information

CPD Hours: 2 hours

Course Length: Two hours

Course Format: Recorded webinar with a copy of the webinar slides provided

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Course Information

Key Areas
  • Localisation and causes of red eye highlighting red flags
  • Red eye work-up applicable to general practice
  • Management of red eye emergencies: eyelid laceration, globe proptosis, blunt globe trauma, penetrating eye injury, chemical burn injury, acute glaucoma, intraocular haemorrhage
About this course

What are the red flags of red eyes? Learn about the diagnostics and management of red eye emergencies.

Red eye is one of the most common ocular presentations and a wide spectrum of diseases can cause red eye. Most causes of red eye are relatively benign, however, some potentially vision-threatening or life-threatening conditions can present in similar ways as an emergency. Getting to the bottom of the problem can often be tricky. In the first part of this webinar, you will learn about underlying principles relevant to ocular pathology and develop a methodical approach to the workup of these cases which will enable you to define and refine the problem that is occurring. The second case-based part of the webinar focuses on putting this knowledge into practice and learning about management of red eye emergencies to enhance visual outcome.

Why do this course?
- To understand the different sources of redness in an eye and discuss red flag features
- To revise common causes of unibilateral or bilateral red eye
- To decide what diagnostic tests to use and why for a case with red eye(s)
- To learn about management of emergency red eye condition

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Maria-Christine Fischer, DipECVO PGCertVetEd MRCVS
Lecturer in Ophthalmology
The Royal Veterinary College

Juliette Preston, BVetMed PGDipVCP MRCVS
Clinical Training Scholar in Ophthalmology
The Royal Veterinary College