Skin disease in goats

Key Information

CPD Hours: 2 hours

Course Length: Two hours

Course Format: Recorded webinar with a copy of the webinar slides provided

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Course Information

Key Areas
  • Highlight sources of information that may be useful when dealing with skin diseases in goats
  • Provide an overview of selected skin diseases in goats
  • Outline a diagnostic approach to skin disease in goats
  • Discuss the diagnosis and management of some key skin diseases
About this course

Goats in the UK are relatively small in number as a national herd and probably less than 120,000 in total. There are a variety of breeds and they may be kept for a variety of production reasons including dairy, meat and fibre, as well as pets and part of zoological collections. They belong to enthusiastic owners who are keen to promote their health and welfare. Some goats seem to be prone to chronic skin disease and in many cases reaching a definitive diagnosis and or establishing an effective treatment plan, can be challenging. A variety of parasitic, immune-mediated, infectious conditions and keratinization disorders, amongst others, may be involved.

This course aims to help you be more aware of some of the causes of skin disease in goats, how you may use appropriate diagnostic tests to establish a diagnosis. The aim is to avoid using “a response to a treatment trial” as the primary basis for making a tentative diagnosis.

This course is suitable for recently graduate vets or any vet with an interest in enhancing their understanding of caprine skin diseases.

Why do this course
This course is delivered from the perspective of goat management in the United Kingdom. It will help you to build your confidence in approaching these cases, establish a plan of investigation and manage owner expectations.

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