How to watch our Recorded Webinars

When you have purchased one of our Recorded Webinars you will receive an email confirming your purchase which will contain a link to your purchased Recorded Webinar(s).  You can choose when you are ready to watch your webinar. When you are ready you need to activate the Webinar via the Anytime Courses section of your MyCPD.  Once you activate your webinar you will have two weeks to watch it and you can watch the Webinar as often as you like within this time. As part of the activation process you will be given a link to test that your computer has the correct set up to enable you to watch the Webinar. It may take a little time to download the relevant files especially the first time you access a webinar so please be patient.

We will also ask you for your feedback on the Webinar. Each Webinar has learning support material (copies of the slides used and/or notes) which you can download onto your computer. Depending on your computer’s operating system you may receive a message about keeping or saving files. The process of activating and watching the Webinars is very safe and will not harm your computer (no matter what alarming message might flash up!).

Once you have watched a Webinar you will be able to request your certificate. You can find the Certificates section in your MyCPD area, once on the Certificates page, click Request next to the relevant Webinar to order your certificate, it will be sent to you via email.