Neurological emergencies in practice online

Key Information

CPD Hours: 42 hours

Course Length: Six weeks

Course Format: An intensive tutor-moderated online learning experience. Resources include online presentations, electronic course notes, case assessments, supplementary reading material and discussion forums in which participants review and discuss cases with their colleagues and the tutors

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Extremely relevant to first opinion practice, this has transformed my level of confidence in handling neurological cases.

Course Information

Key Areas
  • The neurological exam in the emergency room - what do I need to know?
  • Traumatic brain and spinal injury - essential concepts for treatment
  • Acute myelopathies
  • Acute vestibular syndrome - when should I be worried?
  • Acute encephalopathies from vascular to inflammatory
  • Seizures in the emergency room - what can I do?
About this course

Neurological emergencies in general practice - when should I be worried?

The aim of this course is to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills required in general practice to confidently deal with neurological emergencies and to strengthen their problem-solving skills in veterinary neurology. The course will include clinical case sessions where real cases will be presented and discussed by the tutors and participants.

Why do this course?
Neurological emergencies can seem terrifying and the last thing you want to see during or after a busy day in practice. The course will help you develop a clear strategy for assessing and localising the problem and thus increase your confidence and problem solving skills. We will provide you with practical tips and support you to enhance and apply your knowledge in practice.

Course notes
In line with the RVC’s environmental policy we are trying to reduce our use of paper, therefore we will not be supplying printed course notes. The course notes will be available electronically as a downloadable pdf on the course which can be printed.


Alberta de Stefani , DrVetMed PhD DipECVN MRCVS
Senior Lecturer in Neurology and Neurosurgery
The Royal Veterinary College

Elsa Beltran, Ldo Vet DipECVN, PGDipVetEd, FHEA MRCVS
Associate Professor in Veterinary Neurology and Neurosurgery
The Royal Veterinary College

Abbe Crawford, BVM&S BSc PhD MRCVS
Clinician in Veterinary Neurology and Neurosurgery, Research Track
The Royal Veterinary College

Steven De Decker, DVM PhD MVetMed DipECVN FHEA MRCVS
Associate Professor in Veterinary Neurology and Neurosurgery
The Royal Veterinary College