Equine lecture series 2021: This horse isn’t right - neurological disorders in horses

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On Site Recorded Equine Lecture

Course Length: Two hours

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04 Aug 21

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Key Areas
  • Neurological disorders
About this course

In 2021 all lectures will be delivered as pre-recorded webinars. Please note bookings are only via the website.

Neurological disorders can manifest in a variety of ways. Sometimes abnormalities are subtle, like an usual gait, whilst others are extremely obvious and often frightening such as strange behaviour or seizure activity. Bettina Dunkel, Associate Professor in Equine Medicine at RVC Equine, will discuss common and some less common neurological diseases in horses, describing the symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatment options for each condition.

The other lectures in this series will be recorded on the dates below:

The heart of the matter - equine cardiology Wednesday 7th April
Through the keyhole - minimally invasive surgery Wednesday 2nd June
Equine sports medicine and rehabilitation Wednesday 6th October
Don’t be left out in the cold - winter health care  Wednesday 1st December

Other lectures in this series that have been recorded and are now available to purchase and view at any time:

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The heart of the matter - equine cardiolog 

 £10 per webinar or buy six, get two free. Offer ends 2nd February.


Associate Professor in Equine Medicine
The Royal Veterinary College