Webinar Plus: Building resilience to the challenges and pressures of practice

Key Information

CPD Hours: 16 hours

Course Length: Four weeks

Course Format: A mixture of one hour weekly webinars (which can be viewed live and/or as recorded versions throughout the course), online activities, videos and tutor-moderated online discussion forums

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“ This course was fantastic! I wish more of this content had been available in my time at vet school. I’m pleased that more of this is coming into the curriculum, as the profession wakes up to fact that often highly intelligent and motivated people are launched out into dealing with an often difficult practice situation and public demands, without adequate training in emotional resilience to the difficult situations they will inevitably face. Please keep up this excellent work. We are a wonderful profession, and we need to keep all the excellent vets out there positive, supported and emotionally enabled to cope.

Course Information

Key Areas
  • Getting the most out of being a veterinarian: How understanding our career identity can help us achieve career satisfaction
  • Building resilience to challenging situations and outcomes that don’t end well
  • Embracing conflict – how to feel positive with challenging interactions
  • Practice culture: What is it and how do we make a good one?
About this course

What do we mean by resilience? Can we be taught to become more resilient and improve our management of the challenges of practice? Can we support others to do so?

Veterinary practices place huge demands on veterinarians – testing on a daily basis not only their clinical skills but also their management of client needs, finances and expectations, often in emotional and stressful situations. Dissatisfaction and stress arising from unmet clinical goals, pressures from the business or highly charged conversations, be they occasional or frequent, can make us all sometimes wonder why we became vets in the first place. Building resilience to these experiences, and the skills to gain satisfaction from managing them, may not appear to be a “teachable” skill – but it is! 

What you should know to be an advanced practictioner - Veterinary Business Journal - Issue 18, April 2018

Why do this course? 
Through this course you will develop a better understanding of our profession, will take time to focus on why you wanted to be a vet in the first place, and enjoy discussing with peers the challenges faced in everyday practice. All of which will help to build support for the difficult days in practice, to mentor colleagues who may be facing similar issues and to regain a love for the profession we were all once so desperate to join. 

The webinars will run on the following dates from 12.00pm to 1.30pm London time including a 30 minute registration and familiarisation period prior to the commencement of the lecture.

Webinar dates:
Thursday 10th September
Thursday 17th September
Thursday 24th September
Thursday 1st October

Please note that due to the current Covid-19 situation, this course has been postponed from the originally scheduled dates (1st to 28th June)


Elizabeth Armitage-Chan, MA VetMB DipACVAA FHEA PhD MRCVS
Reader in Veterinary Education
The Royal Veterinary College