Webinar Plus: Supporting students in practice – diving deeper into clinical coaching and mentoring

Key Information

CPD Hours: 12 hours

Course Length: Four weeks

Course Format: A mixture of pre-recorded weekly webinars (which can be reviewed throughout the course), live weekly Q&A sessions with the tutor, discussion forums to share experiences and opinions, supplementary reading material

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Course Information

Key Areas
  • Effective clinical coaching
  • Tutorial support
  • Dealing with marginal learners
  • Defining competence
  • Improving engagement
  • Dealing with unconscious bias
  • Encouraging a reflective culture
  • Types of learning in the clinical environment
About this course

Do you feel confident supporting different types of learners in clinical placement? Do you want to diversify your approach to coaching?

This course is aimed at those supporting students in the veterinary workplace. Each week will explore different areas of clinical coaching and veterinary education, offering practical guidance and advice on how to support various types of learners, encourage reflection and improve student engagement. With topics such as tutorial support, assessing competence, supporting marginal learners, and overcoming barriers to effective coaching, delegates will develop and expand their skill set to deliver an improved student experience through a more diverse and productive approach. Various educational concepts such as the GROW model, failing to fail, the theory-practice gap and trauma glasses will be discussed, giving insight into supporting a range of students from diverse academic and personal backgrounds.

Why do this course?
Experience has taught us that no two students are the same and our students come with a variety of differing needs, both academically and personally, often built from a combination of life events, previous learning opportunities and the learning environments they have encountered. Coaches and mentors will gain the tools to embrace new skills and feel able to adapt to different methods of supporting students. Delegates will gain a deeper understanding of student behaviour and how we can support individuals, offering a more diverse and beneficial learning environment for all whilst increasing learning opportunity and development of life-long learning skills, including personal and professional reflection.

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The webinars for this course will be pre-recorded and can be viewed as recorded versions throughout the course. A live Q&A session with the tutor will run on the following dates at 1:30pm London time

Live Q&A dates:
Thursday 14th September
Thursday 21st September
Thursday 28th September
Thursday 5th October


Kelly Druce, BSc RVN DTLLS
Medicine/Oncology Nurse and Clinical Educator
The Royal Veterinary College