Small mammal nursing online

Key Information

CPD Hours: 18 hours

Course Length: Six weeks

Course Format: An intensive tutor-moderated online learning experience. Resources include online presentations, electronic course notes, supplementary reading, videos and discussion forums with colleagues and the tutors

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05 Jun - 16 Jul 23

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Excellent information provided with friendly and enthusiastic course leaders. Looking forward to putting new knowledge into action

Course Information

Key Areas
  • Rabbit basic nursing care and biology
  • Rabbit anaesthesia and advanced nursing
  • Rodent basic nursing care and biology
  • Rodent anaesthesia and advanced nursing
  • Ferret nursing
  • Exotic mammal nursing
About this course

How comfortable are you with nursing a rabbit, rodent or other small mammal?

This course will cover the general approach to nursing the small mammal patient, including species-specific biology, nutritional and husbandry needs. Stabilisation, anaesthesia and some more advanced critical care techniques will also be discussed to develop a logical and comprehensive approach to the nursing care of these species.

Why do this course?
You will build upon your current nursing skills to learn how to formulate a comprehensive nursing care plan for the commonly presented small mammal species, based on their nutritional and environmental needs. You will also gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of how to safely anaesthetise these species and how to approach the critical patient.


Kelly Deane, FdSC RVN CertVNES
Veterinary Nurse
Acorn House Veterinary Hospital

Abigail Edis, FdSc RVN CertVNES
Exotics Veterinary Nurse
The Royal Veterinary College