Webinar: How to bring your practice up to speed with hygiene and antimicrobial stewardship

Key Information

CPD Hours: 2 hours

Course Length: Two hours

Course Format: Webinar with an opportunity for Q&As with the lecturer plus access to recorded version for 2 weeks

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Course Information

Key Areas
  • Early detection of contagious patients
  • Hand hygiene
  • How to move a patient within my practice/hospital
  • PPE, barrier nursing
  • Is isolation possible in small premises?
  • Do I need antimicrobial guidelines for my practice?
  • What does a tier system mean?
  • Are some antimicrobials better than others?
  • How to make prescribing ‘responsible’
About this course

Is your practice prepared for the next contagious patient? Are you doing enough to prevent outbreaks and nosocomial infections?

Infections due to zoonotic or multidrug-resistant pathogens are still thankfully rare in UK practices. However, when they do occur, they can suddenly become difficult, complex, may have human health implications and require time and investment. Unfortunately, the key tools for managing, containing and preventing such infections in small animals are still largely limited to rigorous hygiene measures and good antimicrobial prescribing.

The first part of this course will provide you with an overview of hygiene measures that would be expected to be achievable in most small animal practice settings. In the second part of the course, we will highlight key aspects of published antimicrobial prescribing guidelines to inform your prescribing decisions for common infections in dogs and cats. For both, hygiene and antimicrobial stewardship, we will provide you with some evidence base for recommendations where available but also suggest some practical tips and share our own experience and current interventions.

Why do this course?
The course will provide you with background knowledge and practical tips on two critically important but easily overlooked topics. Insight and awareness about hygiene needs and antimicrobial stewardship will help you practice good, responsible veterinary medicine on a day to day basis and help you explain to your clients what you are doing to prevent their pet getting infected in your practice

The webinar will be available to view from Thursday 6th May as a recording with a live Q&A session at 2.00pm London time on Monday 10th May including a 15 minute registration and familiarisation period prior to the commencement of the lecture.

A recorded version will be available to purchase for £30 approximately two weeks after the completion of the live Q&A.


Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine
The Royal Veterinary College

Anette Loeffler, DrMedVet PhD DVD DipECVD MRCVS
Professor of Veterinary Dermatology
The Royal Veterinary College