Overview and veterinary treatment of tarsal osteoarthritis and hindlimb suspensory ligament desmitis and How can physiotherapy benefit your patients?

Key Information

CPD Hours: 2 hours

Course Length: One hour

Course Format: Recorded webinar with a copy of the webinar slides provided

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Course Information

Key Areas
  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy
  • Management (including diagnostics) of selected orthopaedic conditions
About this course

Tarsal osteoarthritis and hindlimb suspensory desmitis: What are the common clinical signs, diagnostics and treatment options available and how can they best be incorporated to your equine practice? 

This webinar will review the common clinical presentations of horses suffering from tarsal osteoarthritis and hind limb suspensory ligament desmitis and go over the common diagnostics challenges and tools used by veterinarians to diagnose such conditions. We will then describe common treatments with an emphasis on how physiotherapy can be best integrated in the rehabilitation of these cases and how they can benefit your patients.

Why do this course?
This course is designated for veterinarians involved regularly with lameness/poor performance cases with a special interest in rehabilitation of the equine athlete and increasing the array of treatment they can offer to their client, especially regarding physiotherapy. It is also open to certified physiotherapists, certified nurses and physiotherapy students.

This webinar requires a basic knowledge of common orthopaedic conditions and modalities used in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation.

A convenient and flexible way to earn some CPD hours without leaving home is to select webinars to view from our extensive library of recorded webinars. P

Participants will receive a handout (slides and/or notes) to support their viewing session and a CPD certificate.

Participants gain access to the webinar for two weeks which allows them to view it at their leisure and convenience as well as review aspects as needed to enhance their learning.

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Barbara Boross , PgDip, NAVP member, Veterinary Physiotherapist
Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy
NAVP, Gloucestershire

Melanie Perrier, Dr.med.vet DipDACVS DipDECVS CERP MRCVS
Lecturer in Equine Surgery
The Royal Veterinary College