Recognition of equine pain signs and how acupuncture addresses this and chronic pain physiology

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CPD Hours: 1 hours

Course Length: One hour

Course Format: Recorded webinar with a copy of the webinar slides provided

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Recognizing and identifying pain signs in the equine is often very difficult and at risk of being missed or identified as a behavioral problem. Horses have a wide range of pain thresholds, pain tolerance, and behavioral responses to pain (as do all mammals). Neuropathic pain and muscle / myofascial pain are especially difficult as these often present without obvious signs or imaging or serum chemistry abnormalities. An additional aid to identifying such pain is in the acupuncture palpation process. Acupoints are sites that often become tender from disease and the acupuncture exam includes locating tender acupoints to identify suspect spinal segments and potential referred pain. These findings guide the acupuncture treatment that provokes endogenous pain control and healing mechanisms.

In this webinar relevant pain physiology will be discussed as well as the methods of examination that help identify the presence of pain and aid understanding the possible pain generators. Clinical case examples will be used to illustrate those who have pain issues but with negative conventional diagnostic findings.

Why do this course?
This course is designed for veterinarians, nurses, and physiotherapists regularly involved with poor performance and/or behavioral cases with a special interest in rehabilitation of the equine athlete. You will learn what acupuncture can offer to your clients, and how it is synergistic with physiotherapy to produce improved integrative therapy. It is also open to certified vet acupuncturists/certified physiotherapist/certified nurses/physiotherapy students.

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Dietrich Graf von Schweinitz , BSc DVM MRCVS CertVetAc, ABVA
Education Director
To The Point Acupuncture, Guildford