RVC CPD 2019 Course Programme

Our 2019 course programme is here! We are very excited to be delivering many new courses this year as well as our popular tried and tested courses.

Please note some of our courses sell out quickly (especially our scanning courses as well as the likes of Logical clinical problem solving, Abdominal surgery - the essentials, and Dentistry in small animal practice) so book early to avoid disappointment. 

Small animal medicine, dermatology, clinical pathology and ophthalmology

Clinical therapeutics online - Monday 14 January to Sunday 24 February

Logical clinical problem solving online - Monday 21 January to Sunday 3 March

NEW Feline neurology online - a problem based approach - Monday 11 February to Sunday 24 March

Haematology and cytology online - Monday 25 February to Sunday 7 April

NEW Webinar Plus: Feline focus - Monday 4 to Sunday 31 March

Webinar Plus: A multidisciplinary approach to urinary tract disorders - Monday 29 April to Sunday 26 May

Webinar: The challenge of chronic otitis - Friday 3 May

Webinar Plus: Feline endocrinology - Monday 6 May to Sunday 2 June   

Ophthalmology online - a problem based approach - Monday 2 September to Sunday 13 October  

Webinar Plus: Canine endocrinology - Monday 23 September to Sunday 20 October  

Clinical problem solving in small animal neurology online - Monday 30 September to Sunday 10 November   

Getting the best out of your microscope - the essentials - Tuesday 22 Ocotber

Practical endoscopy - Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 December  

Emergency care and anaesthesia

Webinar Plus: Fundamentals of emergency medicine: Part 2 - Monday 14 January to Sunday 10 February

Webinar Plus: Management of the small animal trauma patient: Part 1 - Monday 4 to Sunday 31 March

Webinar Plus: Problem-solving in small animal anaesthesia - Monday 3 to Sunday 30 June

Emergency patient online - Monday 16 September to Sunday 27 October   

NEW Webinar Plus: Management of the small animal trauma patient: Part 2 - Monday 4 November to Sunday 1 December

Local anaesthetic techniques – Friday 8 November

Small animal surgery, physiotherapy and dentistry

Webinar Plus: Orthopaedic essentials - Monday 2 to Sunday 29 September

Webinar Plus: Soft tissue surgery principles - Monday 30 September to Sunday 27 October

Webinar Plus: A multidisciplinary approach to oncologic surgery - Monday 13 January to Sunday 9 February 2020

Practical physiotherapy for veterinary surgeons and nurses - Thursday 28 and Friday 29 March

Abdominal surgery - the essentials - Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 May  

Arthroscopy of the elbow and shoulder - Wednesday 19 June

Practical skin reconstructive techniques and wound management - Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 September

Thoracic surgery - theory and techniques - Thursday 5 and Friday 6 September

Basic internal fixation - Tuesday 10 September

Canine dentistry in small animal practice - Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 October or
Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 October

Feline dentistry - Thursday 10 and Friday 11 October

Advanced internal fixation - Thursday 7 November

Tibial tuberosity advancement - Wednesday 20 November

Advanced abdominal surgery, including surgical stapling - Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 November

Laparoscopic neutering and beyond - Wednesday 15 January and Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 March 2020, plus a commitment to attend the Royal Free simulation centre in between

Small animal diagnostic imaging

Small animal VCT online: Head/neck, musculoskeletal and neurological applications - Monday 14 January to Sunday 3 March 

Abdominal ultrasonography online - Monday 18 February to Sunday 24 March
Delegates of the above online course can also attend an optional Practical abdominal ultrasound scanning day on Wednesday 22 May

Webinar Plus: Thoracic and abdominal radiology - Wednesday 27 February to Tuesday 26 March 

Learn to read radiographs online - Monday 7 October to Sunday 17 November 

Basic echocardiography - Wednesday 23rd January and Wednesday 20 February

Practical abdominal ultrasound scanning days - Wednesday 20 March, Wednesday 3 April or Wednesday 17 July

Basic small animal abdominal ultrasound - Thursday 13 and Friday 14 June or Thursday 11 and Friday 12 July 

Integrating echo and clinical practice - Tuesday 24 September     

Practical echocardiography - Wednesday 25 September or Wednesday 2 October   

Advanced small animal ultrasound: Finding the small parts - Thursday 31 October and Friday 1 November   

Equine practice

Equine radiology online - the forelimb (new format for 2019) - Monday 21 January to Sunday 3 March

Equine radiology online - the hindlimb (new format for 2019) - Monday 3 June to Sunday 14 July   

Equine radiology online - the head, neck and back (new format for 2019) - Monday 28 October to Sunday 8 December

NEW Webinars: Fundamentals of equine practice - various dates 

Equine distal limb musculoskeletal ultrasound - Wednesday 26 June

Equine nerve block and joint medications - Tuesday 5 November

Small mammal and exotic pets

Webinar Plus: Approach to birds and reptiles in practice - Monday 21 January to Sunday 17 February

Webinar Plus: Backyard poultry problems and solutions - Monday 29 April to Sunday 26 May

Rabbits, rodents and ferrets - medicine and surgery online - Monday 7 October to Sunday 17 November

Professional skills

Webinar Plus: "Training the trainer": What to do with EMS students? - Monday 25 February to Sunday 24 March   

NEW Webinar Plus: Euthanasia and bereavement - understanding and supporting your clients, your colleagues and yourself - Monday 29 April to Sunday 26 May 

Webinar Plus: Building resilience to the challenges and pressures of practice - Monday 3 to Sunday 30 June

CertAVP Online induction day - Wednesday 17 July   

Webinar Plus: Overcoming challenges to communication in practice - Monday 23 September to Sunday 20 October

Webinar Plus: Navigating the CertAVP A module - Monday 4 November to Sunday 1 December   

Veterinary nursing

 Exotic animal nursing online - Monday 11 February to Sunday 24 March

Anaesthesia and analgesia for veterinary nurses online - Monday 18 February to Sunday 31 March 

Making sense of being a 'Registered Veterinary Nurse' online - Monday 29 April to Sunday 30 June

Small mammal nursing online - Monday 3 June to Sunday 14 July  

Diagnostic imaging techniques online for nurses - Monday 2 September to Sunday 24 November  

Small animal medical nursing online - Monday 9 September to Sunday 20 October   

Emergency and critical care nursing online - Monday 30 September to Sunday 10 November

Webinar Plus: Nursing oncology patients - Monday 4 November to Sunday 1 December

Webinar Plus: Advanced nutrition for nurses - Wednesday 13 January to Sunday 9 February 2020

Practical physiotherapy for veterinary surgeons and nurses - Thursday 28 and Friday 29 March  

Local anaesthetic techniques - Friday 8 November

All Webinar Plus and e-CPD courses are bookable up to the first week of the course
All onsite courses are bookable up until the day before
All live webinar courses are bookable up until the start time of the webinar
All bookings are subject to availability and terms and conditions apply.

Download our 2019 brochure in PDF format - cat front cover
Download our 2019 brochure in PDF format - horse front cover